Photo Friday: Wetlands

This is one of the main roads from the guesthouse where I stayed in Jinmen to the main town nearby. I rented a little electric scooter and was able to drive around the island enjoying the scenery. A lot of the roads I drove down bordered water: either the ocean, or fish pools, or sights like this one.

Photo Friday: Return to the Tiger Balm Gardens

On my way back to the US, I stopped in Singapore for a day. Besides trying to eat as much wonton mee as possible (difficult to do when I also wanted to eat all the other food too), I decided to go for another walk through the Haw Par Villa grounds. It was as strange as ever.

Here is a goat I happened upon. He reminded me of an incident I had involving a goat in Indonesia who was not happy to share his tiny half of the road with me. Luckily both the goat and I escaped unscathed.