Photo Friday: Tan Kah Kee Memorial

The Tan Kah Kee memorial is one of the only tourist things to see near where I’m staying. It’s located in a large park and includes some nice buildings and a museum about Tan Kah Kee’s life. There’s also this structure, built on the location of an old temple. The walls are covered in various educational reliefs (more on that later) and the monolith includes calligraphy in Mao’s handwriting.

Photo Friday: Wind Lion God

Last weekend I went to Jinmen (also known as Kinmen), a little island just off the coast of Xiamen that is actually part of Taiwan. Because the island is so windswept, it is full of wind lion gods such as this one, set up to protect the island from the wind. It was fun driving around and stopping to have a look at all the wind lion gods we passed.