Zoë is a graduate of Oberlin College where she majored in biochemistry and creative writing, a combination that many found perplexing. She was a proud member of the Oberlin College Arts and Sciences Orchestra and the Chinese Students Association. In her spare time, she tried to keep her feet in shape for ballet, wandered around in Oberlin’s cemetery, and spent many hours in front of a vacuum system.

After graduation, she spent two years as a Shansi Fellow in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Officially, she taught English at Gadjah Mada University to undergraduate and graduate students. Unofficially, she could usually be found in the student union attempting to learn Javanese traditional dance or lounging around and practicing her Indonesian.

She then spent a year as a Darmasiswa scholar at ISI Surakarta in Solo, Indonesia. There, she continued studying Javanese dance in a more formal setting and got a bit better at playing gamelan. She also realized that this thing with Indonesia was getting a bit serious and started applying to grad schools.

After receiving a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Zoë is now enrolled in a library science program. She still spends a lot of time reading papers about Chinese Indonesians and Indonesian literature. When she isn’t doing school work, she keeps up with Javanese dance, browses through young adult books, brainstorms new things to bake, and writes about herself in the third person.

She previously blogged here and currently blogs here.

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