New Semester, New Schedule

Starting over in a new program at the same school is weird. On the one hand, I’m a pro at registering for classes, understanding the various schools and divisions that this university is made up of, and getting on wait lists in order to effectively class shop. On the other hand, I have no idea how things work in the School of Information, so when choosing library-related classes I’m largely flying blind. This has led to a rather eclectic schedule.

Beginning Thai: There as some question going into this semester about which language I would wind up taking this year, but in the end it’s turned out to be Thai. I think this will be good for me, particularly because I’ll have to learn a new alphabet. This will also be a good skill to have, even if I end up only being able to read a bit with the help of a dictionary.

Performance Studies: The purpose of this class is to wrap up the research I did over the summer and figure out a way in which to present it. Right now the plan is a performance and a paper, but we’ll see what happens and what develops.

Organization of Information Resources: This is my first true library school class! Despite the ambiguous name, it’s actually all about cataloging. And now I understand why card catalog cards look the way they do!

Records and Archives: In the School of Information, you have the choice of several different areas of specialization. Besides the library and information specialization that I’ve chosen, there’s also archives and records management. This is the introductory course for that specialization. It seems to me that libraries and archives should have a lot to do with each other, so I’m excited to see how this class goes.

And that’s it for this semester! I’m taking it a little easy because I’m not sure how hard Thai is going to be, but I hope to have a busier semester if I can handle all my classes this semester.


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