5 Things I Like About Ann Arbor

Travel blogging when you’re not travelling is something that many blog posts have discussed. For me, the solution has been not a lot of blogging mixed in with the occasional post about school. Recently, though, a series hosted at Drizzle & Hurricane Books was launched focusing not on travel but on the city or country in which travel bloggers live. I’m not sure if I’ll participate every month, but here, at least, is the post for this month.

1. Walkability: I don’t have a car or a bicycle, but it’s still very easy to get around town. Most days I just walk everywhere and it’s no problem, which is very convenient.

2. Bus system: If I do need to go further out, there are a lot of bus options available. The city buses don’t run so frequently that you don’t have to think about the schedule, but they do run more frequently than the buses in Rochester, so I can’t complain. The university buses do run very frequently and they’re free, which is even better.

3. Manageable downtown: Rochester sprawls and Oberlin is tiny, but Ann Arbor feels very manageable to me. It’s not too bit that it feels like I could get lost downtown, but it’s big enough that there’s a lot going on and many places left for me to explore.

4. Book stores: There are several interesting book stores quite close to my apartment. Literati is a fun, independent bookstore that hosts quite a few events every month. The Dawn Treader Bookshop is a rather extensive secondhand bookstore where I’ve managed to find a couple of books that have been on my to-purchase list for some time.

5. Performances: Because of the university, there are so many performances happening all the time. There’s also the Ark–not based in the university–that brings in even more performing groups.


6 thoughts on “5 Things I Like About Ann Arbor

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  2. Thank you SO much for your contribution to my little feature! These bookstores you mention sound lovely, I wish I lived close to English bookshops as well :) And it’s so great you have so many performances you’re able to go see, an entertaining city is always the best kind of city :)

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