Summer Summary

I’ve been very bad about blogging (aside from posting photos that only give you a snapshot of what I’ve been doing), so welcome to this post where I’ll share things in a bit more detail.

The first thing I did this summer was visit China, where I practiced a bit of my (abysmal) Chinese. Mostly, though, I caught up on all the fun reading that I didn’t do over the past two years. So far I’ve read 85 books this year, compared to 65 in 2015 and 43 in 2014.

Then, after a brief stint in Penang where I ate as much wonton mee as possible, I moved on to Indonesia. The plan for Indonesia, and the point of my going to Asia at all this summer, was to do research as part of Michigan’s Center for World Performance Studies program. Idul Fitri (as I will hopefully tell you about soon in a different post) really messed with things, but I did get some research done and some language study done. From this experience I learned that it’s very important to be flexible. There were things I wanted to do–performances and rehearsals I wanted to observe–that were postponed or cancelled and others that came up instead. My schedule kept changing, but overall it was a really good experience.

After Indonesia, I spent a brief few weeks in Rochester attending a wedding and working at the science museum. In between cranking out new songs for the Tesla coils, I also took a Coursera course in Python to prepare for the program in information science that I’m about to start. I won’t say that I’m good at programming now, but I am much better than I used to be.

Overall, it was a great summer–restful and productive. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming semester!


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