Kaniakapupu Ruins

And now for the highly anticipated post about the ruins.

As I mentioned, while in Hawaii I mainly wanted to hike and see as much of the environment as I could. Obviously I didn’t expect much hiking since going out in the woods alone, especially as a woman, is generally a bad idea. Diamond Head was fine because the place was crawling with tourists, but I couldn’t figure out how popular any of the other hikes would be.

Then I came across a description of the Kaniakapupu ruins and immediately knew that, of all the tourist things to do on Oahu, this was the only one which I actually wanted to do. I am all about ruined buildings; I’m not sure why.

The ruins, however, seemed nowhere near as popular as Diamond Head. Easy to get to, but not so populated. Ultimately, I ended up convincing some people from the conference to go with me, but as it turned out I needn’t have worried: the forest where the ruins are located was full of people. I could have gone on my own.

Here, then, is my updated guide for the Kaniakapupu ruins.

First of all, the beginning of the trail is not hard to find. It is not one of the small, sketchy paths that you’ll also see off of the side of the road. It is very, very obvious which path is the right path.

You just continue down the path and take what I believe (but I can’t remember for sure) is the second left. We missed it and continued on till we came to a very large banyan tree. If you find the banyan tree, you’ve gone too far, but you can continue down the path to a very small waterfall.

If you continue down the proper branch of the path, you’ll quickly come to the ruins. Note that this is an important traditional space, so obviously you need to be respectful.

The ruins were quite small, but apparently this summer palace once hosted a luau for ten thousand people.

All-in-all, this was an incredibly simple walk and, as I said, it was full of people. This is no longer and off-the-map Oahu spot (and no wonder, if I was able to find it with a single Google search). Still definitely worth it if you’re at all interested in ruins or bamboo forests. Just bring some mosquito repellent!


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