Food Exploration: Poke Bowl

When I thought that Diamond Head was going to be a moderately difficult hike, I decided that I would reward myself with breakfast somewhere nearby once I was finished with the hike. After some searching I settled on Fort Ruger Market, which the internet told me serves very good poke bowls.

What is a poke bowl? you ask.

Well, this is a poke bowl:

I tried not to read too much about it beforehand in case I was scared away. I can tell you now, though, that a poke bowl consists of raw tuna and rice. The raw part was why I didn’t want to read too much about it, but prompted by the good reviews, I resolved to try it.

When I arrived at Fort Ruger Market, I was surprised to find that it looked like a normal convenience store. Inside, though, they sold not only snacks and drinks but also prepared food.

After hemming and hawing over the menu for a while, I settled on my original choice of a poke bowl, got it with soy sauce, and went to the table outside to eat.

I was pleasantly surprised by the poke after my initial worry. It did not have an unpleasant fishy flavor, nor was it a strange gummy texture. However, eventually it got to be very salty. My recommendation: no soy sauce. I had to buy a big bottle of iced tea to cut through the salt.

Verdict: I’d have a poke bowl again, but it’s not something I’m rushing out to find.


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