My classes this semester

It’s the beginning of my final semester in this master’s program, which is a somewhat frightening thought. I have a lot to get done this semester and not a lot of time left to do it in. Taking an easier semester in order to focus on writing your thesis now makes a lot more sense. While my semester is slightly easier, looking at it there’s still going to be a lot of classwork.

Thesis writing: First of all, I’ll be writing my thesis. The further along in the process I get, the more background research I want to be doing, meaning there will be a lot of reading and writing this semester.

Intro to performance studies: Last semester, I was accepted into a certificate in world performance studies program. The research I do through this program will be rather tangential to my main focus on literature, but I’m excited to return to studying dance—which was my door to Indonesia in the first place—and to actually taking a class in theory.

Indonesian: As usual, I’m taking an Indonesian language course. As usual, I need to focus on formal grammar and on improving my vocabulary.

Gamelan: Also as usual, in gamelan class I want to get better at bonang and kendhang while still spending as much time as possible with my beloved peking. The visiting professor we had in last semester also gave me some pointers on ciblon, so I hope to practice that as well.


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