My classes this semester

This year I’m going to make an effort to blog more about school. I had a hard time last year trying to figure out how grad school, especially not in the natural sciences, was supposed to work and it would have been nice to have had a guide to read, so here is my small contribution. To start with, my classes for this coming semester:

Indonesian: I’m taking the same advanced Indonesian class that I took last year, but luckily you’re allowed to take it twice for credit. The teacher is not the same as last year’s, so I expect the class will be completely different. I’m hoping to get even more out of it this year than I did last year. I need to work on my vocabulary, so I foresee many flash cards in my future.

Gamelan: Also a repeat of last year, but since this is an ensemble the material is always new. This semester we also have a Javanese instructor in, which should be really good. I’m hoping to perform a dance at our concert in January, and if I have time I’d also like to work on some of the harder instruments, maybe kendhang if I feel brave enough.

Islam in Southeast Asia: This class was supposed to be offered last year, but then things got changed around and it was taken off the schedule. It’s back this year, though, so I finally have the chance to take it. While Islam isn’t directly related to my thesis nor is it one of my main research interests, I’m really excited to have a class focused just on Islam in Southeast Asia since it will provide a lot of context.

Genocide and Trauma: This class is obviously going to be very heavy. It’s going to cover some of the same material as my Indonesian class last year (but in English this time) as well as cover instance of genocide from other regions. For my final paper I’ll hopefully finally be able to do some significant research on the Japanese occupation of Malaya, a topic that’s interested me for some time.


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