World Dance Day 2014

Those of you who follow this blog very closely may recall a photo Friday post from back in April about World Dance Day. Here is my (very belated) summary to coincide with this year’s World Dance Day.

World Dance Day has occurred for the last several years in Solo. It features dance performances throughout the day as well as a few people who dance for twenty-four hours (although the definition of “dance” is somewhat murky).

After opening remarks (which I skipped), there were some traditional dances. Here’s another shot of the fight between Bisma and Srikandi.

Once the dances from featured ISI students were over, there were performances upon performances from dance studios around the area–everything from traditional dance to hip hop.

The day also featured dancers who were supposed to dance for 24 hours straight. This is where the definition of what actually constitutes dancing got a little fuzzy. There were times (perhaps understandably) when the dancers would only be holding a hand in a dance symbol while sitting or drinking or otherwise not actually dancing, at least by my definition. I heard one of my teachers complaining about it, so I know it wasn’t just me.

As the day wore on, more dances began occurring indoors in the big auditorium. I performed a scene from La Bayadère here, in what was largely a self-indulgent move, as there were not enough people who know ballet well enough to judge me harshly.

Later in the night, UKJGS performed. By this time I had moved to the balcony so that I could photograph them and another group that also included my friends.

Dances got odder and odder as the night went on. Why the swastika? What was supposed to be happening in this dance? I don’t know.

As you can see, however, several of the dancers ended up all wrapped up in newspaper, again for reasons that remained mysterious.

And here is the other dance that my friends were in. They mixed traditional and modern styles together, which sometimes can turn out quite odd but in this case worked well.


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