Research Interests

Funding application deadlines for next year are starting to pop up and so I’ve been trying to put together a CV that demonstrates my interest in Southeast Asia and Indonesia even though I’ve taken a pretty nontraditional route in terms of my studies. One thing that the career center here suggested when I went to them for advice was to add a list of my research interests, since right now all the research I’ve done is in chemistry.

I sat down and thought about it for a while and here’s the list I came up with:

  • Oral histories and narratives
  • Expression of trauma and negotiation of difference through fiction
  • The treatment of difference in young adult literature
  • Reinterpretations of mythology in modern literature

Putting together this list actually really surprised me. I’ve always known that I’m interested in stories (see the whole creative writing thing), but I’d never really thought about it in an academic sense. That said, in classes last semester I did go off on a couple tangents about how important I think oral history is. Again, I’ve sort of known that I feel this way, but it took talking about it in class to really bring it to my attention.

As for all the talk of difference, that has to do with my thesis, which right now looks like it’s going to be about how differences between people are dealt with in an Indonesian young adult novel. I’ll keep you updated as that progresses.


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