Where have I gone?

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t updated in several months. I blame grad school. Not necessarily because I’m busy all the time, but because I haven’t been sure what to write. Grad school has been mainly a process of reading a lot of papers (some of which are interesting), reading a fair amount in Indonesian, and working on remembering that classes are important even when there aren’t any exams.

So that’s grad school: some good, some bad; basically exactly what I expected. Well, except maybe the part about the exams. I hadn’t quite anticipated that. None of it, though, has struck me as interesting enough for a blog post. I’m sure this is mainly because I’m back in the US and there is much less of a novelty factor in my day-to-day life. And apparently novelty is what leads to inspired blog posts.

That said, I do have a series of posts planned but not written and one of these days I will get back around to editing photos. So never fear–I haven’t disappeared. I’ve just gone a little dormant.


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