Quick thoughts on learning a new dance

  • Weirdly, learning the male part of a partner dance seems to come the most naturally out of all the dances I’ve worked on so far this semester.
  • I attribute this to the fact that, even beyond Solo-style or Jogja-style dance, my basics in terms of Javanese dance come from learning Ramayana. My basic technique is Ramayana-style dance, which means dancing with a very specific and very defined characters.
  • This also means that when I’m dancing the male’s part, all I can think of is Rama. I’m doing this dance as if I were Rama, which is wrong because a.) this character is very much not Rama, and b.) my interpretation of Rama involves a lot of arrogance, which I don’t think applies in this case.
  • Dancing a partner dance without a partner is very bizarre. A lot of the time, I have no idea where the female dancer is supposed to be. Instead, I look around the room at random, a vaguely mystified expression on my face.

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