Texts I haven’t sent to Sara (September 1 – September 8)

  • Just passed a sign for Helen Keller Indonesia. I feel like there’s nothing left to live for.
  • Me: Oh, tutup?
    Guy: No, just praying.
    Me: Oh, is it that time already?

  • No, gas station lady, don’t turn to your friend and tell him in Javanese that you don’t understand me. Look at me while I slowly repeat lima ribu to you until you understand.
  • Ah, classic I-am-Hanuman-and-I-am-awesome dance, this time from Malaysia.
  • Yessss. Everything is better when Rama is a girl.
  • Whaaat. Some Filipino story about Rama having an illegitimate kid with a monkey??
  • Well, illegitimate was my interpretation.

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