Photo Friday: Temple

On our first day in Fujian, we went to see some of the Tulou buildings, round houses generally built out of mud in a round shape. They were built for protection–closing the door made them almost impenetrable. The next day, we took a quick trip around the area, including a stop at the local temple.


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Temple

  1. I love this photo but I am trying to figure out exactly what it is. You mention that it is a house, so I thought maybe it could be a door knocker but it looks like it is much to close to the edge of the building to be that. Or is it that the door is open? Could you enlighten me? I (who knows why) love take photos of doors, maybe it is because I am American and where I grew up all the doors looked very similar so as I have traveled and seen so many different varieties it has fascinated me. Anyways, love the photo.

    • It’s the door handle, and the door is open because it’s not actually to a house but to a temple, so it’s open all (most) of the time. Hope that helps!

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