Photo Friday: Zoë makan nasi kucing

makan nasi kucing, yuk!

Me eating “cat rice” (so named because it comes in small quantities like what a cat would eat and not because there’s a cat inside) at the recent UKJGS alumni reunion.


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Zoë makan nasi kucing

  1. That is a beautiful shirt Zoe! Do they have any rice mixtures? – my favorite right now is with daikon radish seeds and brown rice. We have just put our new compost on the garden to get ready for bean and zucchini season in the back yard. Looking forward to Colin coming home on Monday. Keep up the blogs love,aunt carol

    • Thank you! It was a gift from one of the offices where I work.

      Rice mixtures…perhaps not exactly like you mean, but the one I was eating in this photo involved little strips of tempe and some chiles.

  2. Well.. somehow i managed myself being trapped in this blog.It is nice to know how foreigner writes about java from their point of view.
    I’m solonese,welcoming you to my hometown.Hoping you’ll like it as much as Jogja.I do really appreciate your attention to learn our culture while our very own youth(including me) ignoring it.

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