Travel Plans

The last time I went on vacation, I didn’t update this blog for a few weeks and so I started getting questions as to whether I was still alive or not.

To alleviate that problem this time around, I will say right now that I plan to travel for the next few weeks. I’ll be visiting a friend from Oberlin who lives in Singapore, returning to Indonesia to visit Lake Toba with Sara (tearful reunion included) and my senior fellow, and then finally going to visit my grandparents in Malaysia. There I will also meet my mother because after that my parents are planning to come visit Yogya.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks, so don’t expect a lot out of me. However, never fear. In my absence, please feel free to comment with topics that you’d like to hear more about because, left to my own devices, I will probably continue to only talk about dance.

Finally, I leave you with my real reason for traveling, blatantly stolen from a Google search:


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