Are you or aren’t you?

There’s a collaborative performance of the Ramayana ballet happening at Prambanan between the normal performers and dancers from India. I’ve already gotten my ticket from the dance group that I’ve sort of joined, but my senior fellow just decided that she wants to go, so I make my way over to the dance group’s room to see about getting her a ticket.

At first I think I can get her the same (cheaper) student ticket that I bought, but then my friend who’s selling the tickets asks if she’s a bule. He informs me that foreigners have to pay more.

I make a confused face, trying to sort through my vocabulary to form a coherent sentence.

He explains that I look Indonesian so I don’t need to buy the bule ticket. “Aren’t you glad you have an Asian face?” he asks.

If you’re concerned, in the end she got the student ticket.


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