Something Wonderful

I’m at the market looking at Crocs that may be real and may just be knock-offs. A few weeks ago, my dance teacher noticed that I don’t have any sort of slip-on shoes. She shrugged off my protests that I get blisters from slip-on shoes and still brings up the subject of my lack of sandal every now and then. I’m considering giving in to the pressure and actually buying a pair, but first I need to do research.

So I’m standing here, getting elbowed by several women sorting through the Crocs, and listening to them bargain. If I do decide to buy these shoes, I want to know how much they should actually cost.

It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on, because there are a lot of different shoes and a lot of different women and a lot of different numbers being tossed around.

Yang bling-bling,” one of the women says. She’s buying shoes for her daughter and is asking how much the ones with sparkles–bling–cost.

I am overjoyed to hear this turn of phrase. It’s actually real.

A few days ago, my dance teacher was showing me some of her dance jewelry in an effort to make me useful backstage and described her necklace using the term bling-bling. At the time, I thought she was joking, or maybe that bling-bling applied only to jewelry.

“What’s bling-bling in English?” she asked.

“Bling,” I said, nodding sagely, because the word bling is best said with a straight face and an air of seriousness.

Not that I’m acting very serious in the market. I repeat bling-bling under my breath and grin widely. Everything’s better when a word like this is commonly used.

This post dedicated P.W., because I think he’d appreciate this particular nuance of language.


2 thoughts on “Something Wonderful

  1. Did the crocs lead to any blisters? I hope not! But if so, what did the dance teacher say?

    Glad that you are able to still use and enjoy your dancing.

    I also just read about the volcano – awe inspiring – and I thought my feet hurt after the bazaar on Saturday!

    Bob and I got up in the middle of the night while we were in Hawaii to see the sun rise from the rim of the volcano. However, we were driven there. It is hard to describe feelings but you do that well. We were the only people in the whole hotel who went. Wendy, our daughter, told us to be sure to do this. She used a bicycle to get there.

    Keep working and enjoying.

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