Some goals

One of the things I was supposed to do before I left the United States was make a list of goals. I didn’t. But now I’ve made a list of goals not related to teaching. They are presented here for your reading pleasure.

  • Write. Write significantly, meaning write more than you are right now. A story a week is asking too much, but a little bit of fiction every other day isn’t. Poems are good too, but poems are hard to force.
  • Blog posts, at least once a week. Good blog posts.
  • Figure out the silver thing. Put aside some time each week to think about that and figure out what you want to do about it. And read journal articles.1
  • Learn all the different verb forms that you should have learned from Book 2B but that you’re still confused about.
  • Read a little bit every day in Indonesian. Focus on verb forms, but new vocabulary is good too.
  • Write down new important words. Write down important words that you tend to forget. Memorize them.
  • Make expat friends who are going to be here long-term. It’s easy to make friends with people at language school because you don’t have to worry about commitment. Start worrying about commitment.
  • Figure out how to practice Indonesian during this period of adjustment when you’re going to be figuring out your teaching schedule and aren’t going to be in class. If this means going out and talking to people (it does) do it, no matter how terrifying it might seem.
  • Keep in touch with people. This means figuring out places that have free internet and frequenting them. And writing emails to people even if they didn’t write an email to you first.
  • Learn how to properly deal with money.
  • Eat well.
  • Learn to ride a motorbike. Lack of mobility is frustrating.
  • Figure out a good balance in your life. Whatever that means.

1I know you have no context for this. I’m trying not to jinx anything. More details later.


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