Photo Update

I have a lot of things that I’ve considered writing a post about, but ultimately the pressure of creating a good narrative has stopped me. Instead, have some photos so that I can get through this backlog of events and focus on the present, which includes the start of my teaching career next Monday.

Series One: I went to a nearby village that was having a ceremony. The focus of the event was a scramble to grab a piece of food from one of two complex arrangements roughly shaped like mountains. If you managed this, you got good luck. I did not participate.

Series Two: I went to another village, this time on Merapi. 37 people from this village died during the 2010 eruption, including the keeper of the volcano. Much of the village is still not rebuilt because the government hasn’t deemed it safe to go that far up the mountain.

Series Three: I went to the Ramayana Ballet, put on at Prambanan. Make no mistake; this is not a ballet. It’s traditional Javanese dance, complete with gamelan music, telling the story of the Ramayana. This includes Rama hunting for a golden deer as requested by Sita a la A Little Princess (photo 1), setting the stage setting on fire a la the Hill Cumorah Pageant (photo 3), and Sita setting herself on fire to prove her purity (photo 4). You may be excited to hear that bright and early the next morning my teacher asked me to re-tell the story in Indonesian. I succeeded, for the most part.


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