On writing about myself on the internet

You’ve probably noticed that I have a habit of not sharing my writing. I’ll talk about the fact that I write. I’ll complain about the writing process. But I never actually show people—people I know, anyway—my writing. It’s a different story in workshops, where sharing your writing is the whole point, but the sharing tends to stop there.

Which I guess means that I’m self-conscious of my writing, and I’m self-conscious of it because it has the potential to reveal more of my self than I want to. I recognize that this is a total double standard: I’m okay sharing personal things with (almost) strangers, but I’m not okay sharing personal things with people who actually like me?

Yes, that’s just a little bit twisted. I think it’s about pieces, though. I’ll give some people one piece of me. I’ll give other people a different piece of me. I don’t want to give anyone all the pieces.

But I’ve decided to try this blogging thing anyway. Of course, blogging adds even more excitement on the revealing too much information front because anyone, anywhere can read your blog. For some reason, that thought makes me just as uncomfortable as the idea of sharing my writing with a few select friends.

This, then, is the issue I’m faced with as I embark on this blogging journey. I want to write good things, but I don’t particularly want to share these things—which will undoubtedly feel too personal—with the whole of the internet. I’m not sure what this dilemma will mean as far as content is concerned. I guess we’ll find out together.


3 thoughts on “On writing about myself on the internet

  1. Zoe — I stumbled upon your blog via facebook new feeds and such. I’m excited to follow your Shansi adventures! And I totally understand how you feel about blogging/revealing information. It’s a bit strange. But if you feel super self-conscious about some entries you can always password-protect them and only give “trusted” people the password. (Peace Corps mandates/strongly suggests we password-protect our entries in case a wayward Ukrainian reads them and gets offended. I usually don’t say negative things but I password-protect anyway). Congratulations on graduation and happy adventuring!

  2. Glad to hear why you have not wanted to show your writings. What I have read, poems, etc. do show many sides to you. I think we all have many and obviously not every one needs to know all. Understand completely. Keep them coming, want to follow all your adventures.

  3. Tammela – Thanks for the comment! And yes. I think passwording is something that I’m definitely going to look into.

    Grandomther – I’m glad to see you’ve found your way here. :)

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